HK (140)

Here’s What Happened…

In 2013, I changed the trajectory of my life and moved to South Korea to teach English for three years. Prior to that, I worked 10-15 years in the marketing and communication departments of nonprofits. After working a position I had outgrown, I took a chance on me and became self-employed. I worked as a freelance copywriter and journalist. For four years I lived the life of my dreams with a flexible schedule while teaching hip hop and yoga classes for supplementary income. I was happy as a lark, until the economy turned sluggish, and, as a result, the gigs slowed and so did my cash flow. (Enter: The EPIK email that rerouted my life.)


I’ve navigated through the public school systems of Korea and taught young adults at a university in Saudi Arabia. Now, I’m stepping into the digital world. Fully working online as a teacher and writer.


The stories you’ll find here are about my life, travels and reflections on life lessons. As a Benjamin-Button-aging, late 30’s, solo-traveling, black American woman with a deep pondering for life as we know it, I guarantee a cargo load of beautifully human stories that will make you laugh, shake your head, pump your fist, take notes, and, hopefully, think a little differently about what you thought you knew.

Sydney (56)

I’ve traveled to about 30 countries, and I still have everywhere on my list!


My curiosity for geography and other cultures ebbed and flowed throughout my life, but it was when I was in college at the tender age of 19 that I wished upon a star: “Before I die, I hope that I could travel overseas just once.” To my astonishment it was that very semester that my wish was granted. How could a first-generation college student from Milwaukee raised by a working-class single mom know anything about “studying abroad.” Who knew it was not only possible, but common?! That was the beginning of my wanderlust. It was the single step of a journey I have yet to complete.

Join the journey.