4 Success Secrets of Nomadness Travel Tribe Creator

“Everybody wants to be a beast,

until it’s time to do what beasts do.”

I read the above quote years ago, and never forgot it. It describes the empty space between getting from A to Z. We often see people’s successes – the end result – not realizing the details of their journey that goes sight unseen. Because of this, it is easy for us to draw the conclusion of just how easy success comes to others.

Today, I’m pulling the curtain back on Evita Robinson, the creator of Nomadness Travel Tribe – a 15,000+ membership of majority black world travelers, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. We’re going behind the brand with Evita in an interview I did of her and her new business ventures – launching her lip color line “Compass by Evita” and becoming a TED Talk resident – she spills the tea on all things Evie!

Evita Robinsons_Behind the Brand
New to Evita & Nomadness? Learn more here: http://www.nomadnesstv.com/

As she dropped gems throughout the interview, I’ve extracted four secrets, or nuggets of wisdom, valuable to creating your own success, and motivating you to pursue what it is you may be stalling on.

Time is of the Essence

“I move fast. I’m a New Yorker… I talk fast, I walk fast. I do things fast. However, I’m noticing as I get older, I’m moving faster. And I thought back for a second, and I tried to understand why. And the only answer that I think I came up with, to be honest with you, is…

I’m more confident in myself, and I’m more confident in what I bring to the table. And if I stand by it, and it’s a quality product to me, I’m going to trust myself to push it out. It doesn’t need to be all this stretched out thought process behind it… It’s like, move! Get it done. I see so many people around me that get stuck in this paralysis. They want to analyze everything, and create the business plan, and mock up everything. And it’s just like, you’re never going to move because all of these things eventually become excuses for you.”

Confidence vs. Conviction

“I’ve always had an opinion, I’ve always had a voice, I’ve always used my voice, and I’ve always had conviction. Confidence, however, is different. Confidence is something that I have not always had, and I don’t always have. I flow in and out of it. I get nervous like everybody else. I get scared. Any time there’s an [event/trip] buy-in, I’m terrified. The first couple hours of people showing up on a Nomadness trip or event, I’m still nervous wondering if people are going to show up… But this is the f*cked up nature of the human mind. That’s when I lean on historical value. That’s when I lean on my team. I lean on reality because essentially it’s not reality, it’s this story that you made up in your brain, right? So I look at it for exactly what it is…

It takes balls, but you have to step into the fear, and be confident, but then there are certain things where I have blind confidence in. But I think my confidence comes from the fact that I’m going to work my ass off, and do whatever it takes to succeed in this. Whatever ‘this’ is. So my confidence comes from my work ethic.

Perfecting Over Perfection

“I don’t believe in perfection anymore. I really don’t. I believe in perfecting – it being a process, and it being a verb. But I don’t believe in perfection, especially in needing to start – just start.”

Dream Big, Believe Even Bigger!

“Well, be clear… I’m crazy. I am. I’m crazy, and you have to be a bit crazy to be an entrepreneur. You’ve gotta be a little bit sick. You have to live in a state of illusion. You have to be a little bit of a magician. You have to be a mix of all of these things that don’t really makes sense to regular people because you have to see things that essentially aren’t there yet. But not only do you have to see it, you have to believe it so strongly that you actually create it and manifest it into life. That’s not normal.”

Want more? This is just the tip of the iceberg. See the full video of Evita Robinson | Behind the Brand (above) as she drops several gems and gets personal about her journey and success with Nomadness Travel Tribe and beyond.


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