5 Reasons You’re Blogging Wrong

The truth is blogging is done by people like you and me. But some of us every day people have this exceptional way of knowing how to gain followers, create clickable content and monetize their blog… like a boss.

For most of us, however, we struggle to find our niche, voice and purpose in that big ol’ thing called the blog-o-sphere. It’s scary and overwhelming to try to compete with those who’ve already made it to the mountain top… looking down on you with their judging glares.

My effort, in the past, toward blogging had been noncommittal at best. However, upon starting a YouTube channel in December 2015, and being fed up with my own resistance to go full force with blogging, I decided to attend a blogging conference to be my own rescue, and soak up as much knowledge as possible.

I scored big time! Here are my takeaways from my first blogging conference to help you stop holding you blog back, and start blogging like a boss.

5 Ways to Start Blogging Like a BOSS!

#1 – Don’t try to process EVERYTHING. There’s a ton of great information at any worthwhile conference and a thousand time more online – don’t eat the elephant in one gulp, take it bite by bite. Preferably, in three bites: select three goals or take-aways to work on. Focus on three attainable tasks, be specific, make your goals measurable and realistic, and put them in your calendar or create a timeline so that you are continually checking things off your list, and making sure the work is being done.

#2 – Podcasts! They are the quietly kept secret to success. Podcasts are also a market waiting to be tapped into, especially for women and even more so for black women. Podcasts are easy to listen to while driving, working out, or at work. Unlike watching videos or reading blogs, it can be done effortlessly and discretely.

#3 – Find a partner. As much as I am begrudged to abide by this one, it was a recurring message from most of the presenters. Whether you’re a YouTuber, blogger, or podcast pro, find someone of like mind or intention, and work with them on a project that is mutually beneficial and fun for you both.

#4 – Are you blogging as a hobby or a business? You need to know the difference. If it’s just a hobby, take your time, play with it till you find your groove, and don’t waste too much money on it. However, if this is a business you’re building, then it’s time to get strategic about what you share and how, plan your posts, make it clean and presentable, edit your blogs and your pictures, and make valuable investments that will grow your business.

#5 – “Blogging Changes Lives!” I often make the mistake of downplaying damn near everything I do. I travel the world, I’ve been published in a book, I’ve lived and worked in several countries, I’m a freelance writer, I make YouTube videos, I blog, I taught yoga and hip hop dance. And I’ve been damn good at what I do! But regardless of that, I’d tell myself, “it can’t be that big of a deal if I’m doing it.” If you do this too, please… STOP IT! No, really. STOP. At this conference, it was obvious how these presenters give their heart and soul to their blogs. It’s no wonder why they are successful. I realized that these people take themselves and their blogs seriously – it has meaning. Each presenter testified how starting a blog profoundly changed their lives. It’s been a bumpy and uncertain journey for most, but they believed in their work enough to commit to seeing it through. Many of them now have multiple businesses, and continue to make their blogs bigger and better! So, take yourself and the work you do seriously. You’re worth it.

*Originally posted on Out of Place.


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